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Gary Wolcott’s “Catches Fire” Is Lazy and Dull but Shows Promise

In response to Gary Wolcott’s 325‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Tri-City Herald

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Gary Wolcott often provides an entertaining review (perhaps unintentionally), however thin analysis has often plagued his work. The latest production of the critic, “Hunger Games: Catching Fire catches fire,” is definitely not that good, however the effort is much better than in previous works.

One of the two main problems with Catches Fire is the writing. Wolcott’s words have little flow, and the critic’s art could be improved with the occasional comma. A choppy style can be effective at times (see Tupac Shakur), but Wolcott doesn’t appear to be rapper. The blunt sentences can be stressful for the reader.

The other glaring flaw in Catches Fire is the lack of content. Wolcott simply does not produce enough information for the review to be taken seriously. Director Francis Lawrence is mentioned, but the critic fails to say anything about his work. One will find a gentle dose of J-Law, however the average reader typically desires a heavy offering. Wolcott does not deliver. It wouldn’t hurt the critic to try just a bit harder.

The lame title of Catches Fire is indicative of the work as a whole. Gary Wolcott has a strange, sometimes humorous tone, but he often comes across as lazy and dull.    

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