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Sean O’Connell’s “The Counselor” Is an Uneven, Middling Effort

In response to Sean O'Connell’s 683‑word review of The Counselor on

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Sean O’Connell ends his review, “The Counselor” by providing the perfect fodder for this write-up with a statement that could not be more apropos when describing his own work: “The Counselor defines the term “a mixed bag.” There are qualities to admire, but not enough to lead to an outright recommendation.”

Well said.

O’Connell’s review occasionally surprises with a well placed quip or observation, but it mostly languishes in mediocrity, leaving readers unimpressed and underwhelmed. Just when the review starts to show promise, it gets dragged back down by an awkward sentence or an oddball metaphor like this little gem: “little pinpricks of confusion dot Scott’s landscape” (it just doesn’t work).

Simplistic critique also plagues this piece. O’Connell calls the film “confusing” several times, but offers little evidence as to why. Saying, “There are good things in The Counselor, but The Counselor is not a good film” is not going to cut it. Where is the proof?

O’Connell closes his piece by throwing his hands up and saying “But by the time you figure out exactly where The Counselor went wrong, everyone involved will have moved on to bigger, better endeavors.”

Finding out exactly where The Counselor went wrong is O’Connell’s job, and as he passes the buck on to his readers, they will hopefully pass on this underwhelming effort.    

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