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Josh Bell’s “COMPLETELY DISJOINTED MESS” Is a Concise, Powerful Takedown

In response to Josh Bell’s 406‑word review of The Counselor on Las Vegas Weekly

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Josh Bell’s “FILM REVIEW: ‘THE COUNSELOR’ IS A COMPLETELY DISJOINTED MESS” is convincing and effective. It’s short and it’s powerful. It’s, in every sense, a delight.

Bell doesn’t spend a lot of time dealing with the cast, only giving a short amount of attention to Cameron Diaz while the rest of the cast are quickly rattled off like a lot on the auction block. Instead of feeling dismissive, Bell’s treatment of the cast feels pitch perfect. Bell makes the case that the cast is neither to blame or to praise, and that the film is a very clear reflection of the work of McCarthy and Scott.

Bell makes the case clearly and articulately, describing the way the film unravels and pointing out where the problems arise. It’s amazing how thorough the DISJOINTED MESS feels given its short readtime. Readers are taken through what to expect in the various acts of the film and amazingly, nothing is spoiled. Bell has a gift for describing without detailing, painting a clear picture that leaves a wonderfully large amount to the imagination.

While Bell finds little to praise or enjoy in The Counselor, he writes with care and dedication, delivering a work that is undoubtedly one of the best short takes on the film yet.    

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