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“Review Plan” by Jeffrey Lyles Will Please Despite a Few Issues

In response to Jeffrey Lyles’s 696‑word review of Escape Plan on Lyles' Movie Files

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You can’t please everybody, right? There are a few obvious problems with the latest work of Jeffrey Lyles, “Review: Escape Plan,” but overall the critic delivers a solid performance.

Review: Plan provides the audience several visuals, which are sadly overshadowed by the disastrous paragraph spacing. One will notice the continuous problem of Lyles’ work which never seems to be corrected. The critic could take his review game to the next level by taking care of the appearance.

Fortunately for the reader, Review: Plan offers a complete look at the film, even though Lyles barely mentions one of the leads, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The general reader will demand their fix of Arnold, however Lyles’ commentary is direct with the audience, and explains the bigger picture. The lack of character analysis is still a problem, and diminishes the quality of the review—but the critic is able to deliver on most levels.

Review: Plan is enjoyable on a basic level due to the pleasing tone of the critic. Lyles refuses to cover only the essentials, and investigates the plot devices like a curious detective. Audiences will walk away happy, and feel that their time was not wasted.

Jeffrey Lyles succeeds with Review: Plan, though his fans will eagerly await a better visual appearance.    

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