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Justin Chang’s Epic “Thor: The Dark World” Is Largely Satisfying

In response to Justin Chang’s 1044‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Variety

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Justin Chang gives readers a generally pleasant and informative commentary in “Film Review: ‘Thor: The Dark World. ‘”

Chang is a confident writer whose work here is substantial and sturdy, save for a few exceptions (using “this time around” two times in one sentence is careless.) The piece is tight and well paced, allowing Chang enough time to expound, but not enough to wear out his welcome. His observations are explicit, he has a clear point of view, and he’s funny in all the right places.

Chang has a reputation for letting the horses out of the barn on occasion and this was no exception, but his offending spoiler has now been removed. Still, there are plot details revealed that more sensitive readers may want to avoid.

A review’s presentation is rarely its most memorable aspect and usually doesn’t register unless it’s really good or really bad; the beauty of Variety’s format deserves to be recognized here. Not only is it easy on the eyes and eminently readable, Variety gives you an encapsulation of the review in three or four sentences (the text in bold). Some may see this as the beginning of the end and a capitulation to the Millennials, but not everyone feels the need to read an opus to decide whether a movie is for them and Variety understands that, offering something for everyone.    

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