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Andy Lea’s “Review and Trailer” Is a Fragmented Mess

In response to Andy Lea’s 636‑word review of The Counselor on Daily Star

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A good way to make a review seem like it’s longer than it actually is is to inject as much white space as possible, surrounding the words in what is essentially nothingness.

That is what Andy Lea does in “Review and trailer: The Counsellor (18)” by having a sentence-to-paragraph ratio that is nearly 1: 1.

At 629 words long, it’s not exactly a short review, so it’s rather baffling that Lea chooses this tactic.

Perhaps his end goal was not to pad his review. Perhaps he is just genuinely clueless as to how to structure paragraphs.

That’s a possibility.

There is at least some effort made to inject humor into the review, which one would not expect after reading the extremely literal title.  Unfortunately, the attempts at humor fall a little flat. They’re just… not very funny.

The paragraph structure—or lack thereof—is so jarring that it’s hard to tell if there’s a good review in there somewhere among all the white space.

It doesn’t seem likely, though.

In another odd stylistic choice, the review starts off not in the text proper, but in the subtitle. Any reader who skips over the subtitle—as some might, because subtitles are generally pretty disposable—is going to be greatly confused when attempting to tackle the first sentence/paragraph.

Review and trailer is a review desperately in need of a good editor. It is a nearly unreadable mess, and one readers should not waste their time on.    

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