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Rafer Guzman Compares Katniss to Bella Swan in “Sluggish”

In response to Rafer Guzman’s 404‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Newsday

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The concept of critique plagues the entirety of Rafer Guzman’s “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire review: Sluggish.” The critic did not enjoy the film, and has offered the audience a pseudo-analysis instead of a full blown-critique. Readers may cry out in horror, but this is apparently the new trend in film criticism.

Rafer Guzman has identified that the sequel is indeed a sequel in Sluggish, and can’t seem to deliver a proper critique for the film as a stand alone. There is little thought  for one to let swirl in their brain, and Guzman appears to only want to express that the film has problems. One of them is the love triangle.

Guzman’s main critique focuses on this love affair, which is compared to Twilight. One can respect the opinion of the critic even if the general consensus regards the relationship as the anti-Twilight love affair. Guzman’s case could be strengthened with a full breakdown, but he says Katniss “seems less like a strong-minded woman than a coquette wallowing in male attention. “ 

Sluggish is flat-out weak and offers little original thought about the film. Guzman fails to comment on the direction, skips over the supporting cast and reduces the main character to a love-stricken and helpless woman without really explaining why. The audience may weep at first, but ultimately laugh at the absurdity of the review.    

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