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Matthew Razak’s “Review: Counselor” Is Intellectual and Pure

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Beautiful visuals and sweet, sweet critique highlight the latest work of Matthew Razak, “Review: The Counselor.” The critic is a true gentleman of criticism, and one will imagine Razak on a long walk discussing all the specifics of the film.

Review: Counselor is special in that Razak is less than thrilled about the film but still offers a complete critique. One should read for that reason alone. It’s not too often, unfortunately, that the reader finds a critic who is willing to provide a full work regardless of personal opinion. Readers shall tip their cap to Razak, and seek him out on Twitter.

Matthew Razak breaks down the plot in Review: Counselor with such tenacity that it might even scare some older readers. The critic addresses McCarthy’s script with a fair commentary about the effort of the actors and the overall atmosphere of the film. The words will slowly sink into the reader’s brains, and one may cry out “I’ve been Razaked!” The information is that rich and pure. The critic explains why the directions fails, and even goes so far as to note the “sheer brilliance” of some scenes. Review: Counselor is truly an emotional journey.

Towards the end of Review: Counselor, Razak uses an entire paragraph to explain the flaws of Cameron Diaz’s character, which ultimately leads to broader points on the failures of the film. The critic dips into slight spoiler territory simply by noting the the final scene, however one will appreciate the enthusiasm that Razak so clearly displays.

Review: Counselor is an extraordinary review that should be shared freely.    

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