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Randy Myers Bullseyes Greatness in “Review: …”

In response to Randy Myers’s 680‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on San Jose Mercury News

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The fates are rarely kind to any author when placed in a predicament like this. How does one gleam gold from a mine that has been thoroughly looted?  However, Randy Myers defies logic and hits pay dirt in “Review: Jennifer Lawrence hits target in ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. ‘”

This author has a penchant for gleaming positives in otherwise grim settings. He could find light in a black hole. However, this situation is slightly different. The “grim” is the excessive positive perception his subject has to this point. So how does one praise the praiseworthy without it being white noise? Talent, combined with original and clever execution is how.

Sheer pleasure it is to peruse this fine tale. Murray weaves a textural textual tapestry on par with some of the great classics in American literature. The imagery and alliteracy on display here exceed modern conventions, and will no doubt captivate the reader’s heart and stoke the fires of their imagination. The audience will be enthralled and enlightened beyond their lofty expectations. He meets and exceeds them, and defies his contemporaries to do the same.

Something else that sets his assessment apart from others is the legitimacy by which he validates his rhetoric. Regardless of how worthwhile one feels his objective is, they cannot help but respect the diligence of his resolve and the pinpoint accuracy of his argument.

Myers’s task is daunting indeed, and he not only steps up, he makes a giant leap forward in the name of literature… and creates a classic in the process. Whatever apprehensions the audience may have will be quelled instantly, if only they give this fine work a chance.     

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