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David Edelstein’s “‘Ender’s Game’: “Triumphs With Engaging Presence

In response to David Edelstein’s 535‑word review of Ender’s Game on Vulture

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David Edelstein’s “Edelstein on Ender’s Game: A Chilly, Unromantic View of Space War” is a beautifully written review that thoroughly enlightens, engages, and entertains.

With unique turns of phrases, creative design, and expressive imagination, Edelstein has created a virtuoso of movie review art, yet his style never feels overdone. He maintains reader engagement with finely tuned, sober execution that is informative and insightful at every point along the way. He even manages to convey multiple opinions and contextual background information without falling into the dirty trap of smarmy intellectualism.

Edelstein’s mastery of the art of movie review writing in View of Space is a personal and public triumph that could potentially be used as an educational tool for aspiring writers of many disciplines. He shifts to first-person voice at the ideal moment, while his explanations fold into extremely profound insights. His technique is subtle, not overpowering, yet obviously derived from both keen observation and love of creative voice.

Final Warning: reading View of Space may produce personal congratulations, warm smiles, the activation of intuition, and periodic tingling of the synapses. It is recommended that View of Space be read immediately, followed quickly by driving to a local theater to experience Ender’s Game.    

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