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Matthew Turner Gives a Drive-Thru Review in “The Counsellor”

In response to Matthew Turner’s 388‑word review of The Counselor on ViewLondon

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You know how you love reading reviews but hate that whole part where you have to, like, read paragraphs and stuff? 

You’re in luck. Matthew Turner’s “The Counsellor” breaks up the review into it’s most basic parts, taking the hassle out of, you know, reading an entire article from start to finish.

You’ve got your “What’s it all about?,” a recap of the plot, “The Good,” in which Turner tells you what’s good about the film, “The Bad,” in which Turner tells you what’s bad about the film, and, finally, the “Worth Seeing?,” a one line verdict.

The dumbed down format actually works quite well thanks to Turner’s smart critique. Working within this framework forces him to get right down to the brass tacks and he does, chastising the filmmakers for failing to “provide a coherent, engaging story” and a script that “doesn’t let us get to know any of the characters.”

Turner’s writing is functional and fairly matter of fact, which fits the formula well; these are just the nuts and bolts and any flowery language of jokey tones would feel out of place.

This is drive-thru critiquing done well. It ain’t filet, but it’s a quick, tasty burger.    

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