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Kent Turner’s “Smoldering Glances…” Rocks, Rolls

In response to Kent Turner’s 849‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on School Library Journal

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Kent Turner’s “Smoldering Glances and Hot-and-Humid Heroics | SLJ Reviews ‘Catching Fire’ Film” is a shaky journey that manages to get the audience to their destination, but not without a few close calls.

At first glance, this text has the makings of a disaster. From unfounded praise to irrelevant facts, the author seems destined to undermine his own work. Possibly the largest threat of all is the level of analysis employed. To call it excessive is an understatement. He goes to enormous lengths to set up the premise, which is both unnecessary and slightly demeaning to the audience, as it assumes they are incapable of doing it alone.

Fortunately for every imbalance, there is a counter balance that steers the ship in the right direction again. Excessive elaboration is offset by undeniable proof, and lengthy speculation is countered with satisfying payoff. The imagery the author creates is so vibrant at times, one cannot help but be sucked in by it—at least for a time until undeniable forces jar their attention away again.

Nevertheless, Turner ultimately completes his task admirably.  The audience will no doubt be satisfied with the offering, although it is unclear whether this is more attributed to the author’s brilliant thought process or the reader’s ability to follow it. In either case, it may be a while before they are ready to undertake such an ordeal again. At least not without taking their motion sickness pills first.    

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