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Jackie K. Cooper’s “Ender’s Game” Needs Training

In response to Jackie K. Cooper’s 466‑word review of Ender’s Game on

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Jackie K. Cooper, “The Entertainment Man,” as he’s known in his hometown of middle Georgia, is a genteel southern gentlemen and, as such, he writes a particular brand of review that may resonate well with a very specific audience of Christian retirees who like their entertainment mild, tame and uncomplicated.

Cooper gives them just that with “Ender’s Game,” his folksy take on the adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s cult novel from the 80s. He is as plainspoken as can be and there’s a refreshing unpretentiousness in his down home delivery, but the critiques are as deep as a dried up river; the training sessions are “not particularly exciting,” the ending is “too little too late,” and Asa Butterfield’s small frame “doesn’t play true.”

Cooper deserves credit for understanding all the aspects of a film that need to be critiqued (he moves through them methodically), but it would be nice to see a little deeper examination here. Why are the training scenes boring?

It’s the writing, though, where everything eventually falls apart. Cooper has an over reliance on straight forward declarative sentences and that lends the review a very stale tone. Some variation in the syntax would go a long way toward making this one for the masses and not just a niche piece.    

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