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Kofi Outlaw’s “‘The Counselor’ Review” Is Long, if Not Particularly Strong

In response to Kofi Outlaw’s 1249‑word review of The Counselor on ScreenRant

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With “‘The Counselor’ Review,” Kofi Outlaw falls just short of writing a compelling piece of film criticism. His writing isn’t bad, and he even manages to earn the somewhat high word count of the review, but he never really makes a compelling case for or against the movie.

Sure, reviewers aren’t always going to feel passionately for or against a movie. Sometimes a movie is just middle-of-the-road. But it sure makes for uninteresting reading when that’s the case, unless the writer manages to add some flair to the proceedings.

Much like Jennifer Aniston’s character in Office Space, though, “‘The Counselor’ Review” just doesn’t have enough flair. Sure it has the bare minimum, but that’s just not enough.

Outlaw does, at the very least, have a unique take on the film, finding elements praiseworthy that other reviewers have found downright contemptible. In that regard, “‘The Counselor’ Review” provides a valuable counterpoint to the mainstream. However, his arguments are never quite strong enough to back up his opinions. Instead, it almost seems like maybe he’s just not quite as discerning as some of his peers whose arguments were stronger and more cohesive.

Readers of “‘The Counselor’ Review” won’t be entirely disappointed. There are some nuggets of gold contained within it. Unfortunately, that gold has yet to be polished and shined.    

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