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Joshua Starnes’ “‘Gravity’” Nearly Misses Movie Review Apotheosis

In response to Joshua Starnes’s 752‑word review of Gravity on

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 Joshua Starnes’ “‘Gravity’” is a good review that invites the reader into the writing world with voyeuristic style. Starnes masterfully introduces the characters with stellar wordplay, and like the proverbial artist who enjoys creative diversity, he convinces the reader in a myriad of ways to continuously enjoy Gravity with him.

The review in microcosm: comprehensive yet personal, thematically advanced yet critically understated, and almost pure apotheosis except for a few minor blunders.

This is a great thing.

This review exemplifies the highlights of Starnes’ oeuvre by encompassing most of his skills and a few of his faults as a review writer. Sure, there are a couple of simple grammar mistakes near the end, followed by a few clunky sentences. These mishaps are totally forgiven (and potentially unnoticed) because Starnes doesn’t force his language or his perspective on the audience. Instead, he leads the reader like an experienced guide.

Cons: the web-page took a while to load, which might distract the reader, and little plot-spoilers here and there are only mildly disconcerting.

Sir Frances Bacon might do a half-roll in his grave over the slightly incorrect version of his quote at the end of the review, but overall, Starnes’ shows-and-tells just enough for the reader to feel satisfied and curious.    

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