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Andy Lea Is Sir Zinger in “Thor Loser”

In response to Andy Lea’s 640‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Daily Star

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Zingers are tossed out freely by Andy Lea in his fantastic creation “This hero is just a Thor loser: Marvel’s sequel is a disappointment.” The critic’s Thor pun kicks off the work on a snappy note, and one will prepare to be entertained by Sir Zinger.

The early pacing and style of Thor Loser is somewhat questionable as Lea continuously breaks after one sentence. There is no flow to the introduction, but Lea eventually turns it all around and beefs up the writing. One may find flaws in the construction as the critic transitions quickly rather than sticking with a point and expanding. Lea covers a lot of ground in Thor Loser, and provides enough analysis on the leads that will satisfy most.

However, the critic comes across as someone at a party who moves from circle to circle and offers laughs, but doesn’t say a whole lot.

Thor Loser is a jolly good time, and Lea knows how to entertain his core audience. The writing is slick, the analysis is on point as the critic delivers a memorable review. Sure, there are flaws but it’s worth a read.

Thor Loser is an action-packed laugher that also exercises the brain.    

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