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Michelle Alexandria’s “Catching Fire” Is a Wet Blanket

In response to Michelle Alexandria’s 789‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Eclipse Magazine

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Michelle Alexandria is one of those critics who thinks that listing the things she liked and disliked about a film qualifies as critique. It doesn’t and “Hunger Games: Catching Fire fails to Sizzle. Michelle’s Review!” is a shining example.

Alexandria gets off to a bad start by opening with a droning complaint about the shaky cam aesthetic from the first Hunger Games making her sick. The problem with this is that too many personal anecdotes, when not connected to a meaningful point of critique, make the review sound like your annoying aunt’s irrelevant opinions and gives readers nothing to hold on to.

Fails to Sizzle is chock full of these “I didn’t like this, but I liked that” statements, which tell readers how Alexandria feels, but do little to elucidate the merits of the film. Even when she strays from the “I” statements, the criticisms are wooden at best and irrelevant at worst. Characters (Read: not the actors) are chided for their actions, which is, if you squint hard enough, a critique of the script, but little else.

The writing is clunky and never finds a consistent tone or anything remotely resembling flow and there are grammatical and punctuational errors galore.

There’s nothing here to warrant your time.    

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