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Clunky Prose Extinguishes Scott Nash’s “Catching Fire”

In response to Scott Nash’s 773‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Three Movie Buffs

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Scott Nash, one of the three brothers who make up Three Movie Buffs, is not a professional movie critic. None of the three claim to be and that refreshing self-awareness lets them off the hook to some degree. Especially in a time when so many amateur critics pretentiously and earnestly try to pass themselves off as the real deal.

Nash’s “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” offers itself up as a review of a film, though, and, as such, does not get a complete pass. That may sound menacing, but it’s not that bad.

He’s a film buff to be sure. There’s a very tangible passion that comes through here. He’s a lover of the art of filmmaking and that love is infectious; it makes you want to root for him and it’s almost, just almost, enough to overcome the problems with the prose.

Though Scott is the best writer of the three, there is still considerable room for improvement. He’s got a real talent for analysis and the critiques are in-depth, satisfying, and insightful, but the writing struggles to find a consistent flow and can’t quite organize these great criticisms into a meaningful whole.

There’s fantastic content here, but the literary hiccups make for a frustrating read.    

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