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Susan Wloszczyna’s “THE HUNGER GAMES” Will Render One Breathless

In response to Susan Wloszczyna’s 965‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on

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When writing, pausing from time to time to collect oneself is vital to maintaining the consistency and coherency of the argument. In “THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE”, Susan Wloszczyna’s failure to mind this results in a tome that will exhaust the audience as much as it appeared to exhaust the author.

The author spews verbiage so gratuitously that she struggles to keep up with her own diatribe. It’s as if the pen is working faster than the brain can process information. The result is hollow, detached commentary that will most certainly leave the reader scratching their head… provided they can derive sense from it at all.

There is quite a bit of substance here, albeit terribly organized. The rhythm and flow (said loosely) is rife with discord. It’s akin to listening to a mediocre trumpet player attempt to play a Miles Davis solo. And like Miles, the mindset of the trumpeter is of complete confidence that they are producing a masterpiece. But unlike Miles, the end product is just noise.

Talking loud is all well and good if one is saying something. Unfortunately, in “The Hunger Games…”, that determination cannot be made properly without a translator. The passion seems to be there, but the execution is off. The audience is advised to wear eye-plugs, and Wloszczyna is advised to take music lessons.    

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