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Elliott Noble Is Too Cool for School in “The Counselor”

In response to Elliott Noble’s 479‑word review of The Counselor on Sky Movies

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Elliott Noble writes a mildly-entertaining review with “The Counselor,” but unfortunately fails to grasp the idea of film criticism. One may give the work a second-read for the catchy phrasing, but only after they read ten other reviews than offer something more substantial.

Is Elliott Noble too smart to provide a complete analysis of the film? Perhaps. Each of the twelve paragraphs are either one or two sentence in length, and the critic seems to be focused on showing off his writing skills as opposed to delivering a committed work. The writing of Noble is entertaining, but it all amounts to nothing.

Noble’s The Counselor is mostly a film summary featuring a few lines of analysis. Other than the open, the critic doesn’t offer any actual thoughts on the film until the close, and all Noble really has to say is that McCarthy’s script is weak and the “cynical world” concept is understood. The critic  gets it… he just won’t communicate his thoughts in detail for the audience.

Noble doesn’t address ideas such as character analysis and performances in his The Counselor, but he will tell you who is in the film and acknowledge that Ridley Scott also directed it. So… that’s a wrap? Yes, it is, reader. Enjoy!

Elliott Noble is a bit too cool for school in his The Counselor, and one should definitely seek out another review that has a few more original thoughts.    

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