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Betsy Sharkey’s “Review: …” an Epic Quest That Mostly Pays Off

In response to Betsy Sharkey’s 880‑word review of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug on Los Angeles Times,0,969945.story?track=rss#axzz2nJZUUrMP

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It is sheer joy perusing “Review: Lively ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’ has welcome ring”, the latest work from author Betsy Sharkey. She whips up an adventure that rivals even the  lofty aspirations of its source material.

It is a long and intricate journey to be sure, but one told through such an engaging narrative, it flies by all too quickly. Sharkey ties each plot point, character nuance and environmental ambiance together as cleverly as a spider weaving a web. The audience will immediately be ensnared and find it difficult to break free of this beautifully crafted tome.

Ever vigilant to the pitfalls and trappings of bias judgement and overly-verbose embellishment, she lures them onward toward her final verdict as steadfastly as a treasure hunter in pursuit of a rare gemstone. Add to that the author’s natural wit and penchant for interjecting humorous asides at just the right moment, and you have a thoroughly engaging and entertaining piece that never slows or drags, despite its massive girth.

The only slightly disappointing aspect is the lack of definitive determination on the subject.  It is only natural that the audience will expect closure that justifies the build-up to this point, and sadly, Sharkey falls short in this regard. To be fair, she does deliver a consensus of sorts, even though it does require some translation like runes in an ancient language seldom spoken anymore. Nevertheless, this minor flow is forgivable due too the strength of the piece as a whole. In fact, it might even indirectly enhance the piece by forcing the reader to read between the lines—thereby facilitating a means by which they can do some treasure hunting of their own.

Rarely does a text as grandiose as “Review: …” provide a read so engrossing and consistently pleasurable throughout. It is a genuine thrill to follow the author into the world she creates, and a pity when the time comes to leave it.    

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