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Chris Nashawaty’s “Ender’s Game” Spoils and Will Make Your Blood Boil

In response to Chris Nashawaty’s 546‑word review of Ender’s Game on Entertainment Weekly,,20483133_20721960,00.html

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Chris Nashawaty’s “Ender’s Game” is the most recent disaster in a continuous amount of unpleasant reviews that do little more than acknowledge the basics. The critic has a big audience in EW, but the critique can hardly be expected to make one walk away feeling satisfied.

In the introductory paragraph of Nashawaty’s Ender’s Game, Nashawaty addresses the film as “an oddly lifeless and emotionally unaffecting film.” Readers should expect to feel the same with the dreadful review. It’s always frustrating for one to come across a work which minimizes the effort because the film wasn’t of the highest standard (in the critic’s opinion).

Perhaps the most offensive aspect of  Nashawaty’s Ender’s Game is the critic’s decision to spoil the film by making a direct reference to the final act. The critic shows little respect for his audience, or perhaps is just flat out oblivious as to what one can pick up on from the statement.

Nashawaty’s Ender’s Game is all summary until Nashawaty’s addresses the personal views of the novel’s author in the final paragraph. The film is full of Oscar nominees and the critic fails to even offer up a single thought on the performances. Oh… Harrison Ford is “all gravel and growl.”

Nashawaty’s Ender’s Game is a perfect example of a review with no vision.    

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