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James Verniere’s “Pulls in Viewers” Spoils and Lacks Respect

In response to James Verniere’s 361‑word review of Gravity on Boston Herald

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James Verniere abandons his readers in “Thrilling Gravity pulls in viewers”, and laughs as he walks away.

In the opening sentence of pulls in viewers (a more appropriate title would be pushes viewers away,) Verniere takes a mild shot at 3-D. One can certainly laugh, but the jab is indicative of the light treatment that the rest of teh film is about to get. Given the content of the review, it’s easy to see that Verniere isn’t interested in providing a thorough look at the film.

Early in paragraph two of pulls in viewers, Verniere identifies the leads as two-thirds of the main characters, and just sentences later inexplicably reveals the fate of the third character. Most will find this incredibly disrespectful, and wonder why the review is even worth reading.

Pulls in viewers makes many statements, and has words, but does little to offer anything substantial. One will find zero insight on the main characters, or their importance to the film. Not only that, but the critic summarizes the plot with seven incredibly lazy words. To top it all off, Verniere is also disrespectful to those who have not seen the film aka most of his readers.

Verniere is able to identify the director, Alfonso Cuaron, and cinematographer, Emmanuel Lubezski, but fails to contribute any worthwhile opinion or commentary on their work in the film.

Pulls in viewers may feel like a slap to the face for many readers.    

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