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Matt Prigge Talks Midwest Jokes in “Midwest Yukfest

In response to Matt Prigge’s 477‑word review of Nebraska on Metro

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Matt Prigge has a rather unlikeable tone in the boring and surprisingly thinly-critiqued “Alexander Payne’s Nebraska isn’t just a Midwest yukfest.” The critic says little about the actual film, and appears to be disconnected from the idea of writing a comprehensive review for his audience.

The first problem of Midwest Yukfest is the lack of a clear opening statement or argument. The critic jumps right into plot summary, and transitions to a paragraph about why David (Will Forte) doesn’t recognize the truth about his father (Bruce Dern).

Prigge continues on with a passive-aggressive tone in Midwest Yukfest as he offers two paragraphs on director Alexander Payne’s history of jokes on the Midwest. It’s unclear if the critic is offended by Payne, or offended that people don’t understand the deeper context of the director’s work.  

The real problem of Midwest Yukfest isn’t the tone, it’s the thin critique. He says little about the film until the final paragraph, and even then he refuses to acknowledge the performances of Bruce Dern or Will Forte. Prigge’s poetic conclusion is enjoyable, but ultimately the work has a negative vibe, and the critic refuses to explore the film as a whole.

Midwest Yukfest could have been great, but Prigge holds back for some strange reason.    

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