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Graham’s “Review: Excess Violence Destroys Any Fun in ’Kick-Ass 2” Serves Up Bland Dish of Words

In response to Adam Graham’s 284‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Detroit News

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Adam Graham cooks up an average-is-as-average-does piece with “Review: Excess violence destroys any fun in ‘Kick-Ass 2”.

Readers are force-fed a double helping of two major spoilers that leaves a bad taste for the rest of the read. Instead of adding a heap of zest to his review, the caliber of these spoilers only leave it dry.

Graham fails to make a case for his review. It lacks any viable support from his under-cooked attempts.  The consistently bland language will leave readers wondering where the beefy jargon is hiding, assuming they don’t fall asleep in the middle of this bowl of a snoozefest review.

It’s not as though the plain white background with simple text or slightly out-of-focus movie photo will grab hold and reawaken their appetites to read this until the very end.

This review is the Chinese food of reviews. Basic pieces of the movie are carelessly over-sauced with spoilers and left to attempt to fool the readers into thinking they are reading a flavorful review only to find out that once it is over, they’ll be even hungrier for meaningful words and substantial support of the reviewer’s ideas. It’s not the worst dish, but it certainly isn’t the best.    

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