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Kate Muir’s “Gravity at Venice Film Festival” a Misleading Magician

In response to Kate Muir’s 75‑word review of Gravity on Times [UK]

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This review “Gravity at the Venice Film Festival” by Kate Muir is a disappearing article. Muir obviously has a side job as a magician in order to make her review float right off the page like on this site.

Muir starts out subtle. With a clean title, well placed trailer, and strong introduction, the reader is lured into a false sense of security. The words used sound like they could be read in an overly dramatic voice over, truly gripping the audience into the read.

The sentence structure is flawless and flows like liquid running right off the tongue from one word to the next.

The statements made are honest and make Muir out to be a critic to be trusted with accurate information.

Everything about this review seems like a solid choice of a read. Then, readers truly have the wool pulled over their eyes when in the middle of the read, the words begin to slide right off the bottom of the page! Muir plays the biggest trick of all, using disappearing ink to fade out the review entirely. The act is complete with a concluding sign at the bottom asking for a monthly subscription fee in order to finish reading the article.

Cheated and discarded, the readers navigate away from this ploy to never again enjoy the readings of Muir. The performance that started with such promise, ended in a frustrating lack of closure.    

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