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Kristian Harloff’s Lean and Mean “Out of the Furnace” Stands Tall

In response to Kristian Harloff’s 242‑word review of Out of the Furnace on Schmoes Know

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Three cheers for the reviewer who knows how to be concise, informative and entertaining at the same time. This wonderful trait is on display in Kristian Harloff’s “Out of the Furnace Review (by the Schmoes).”

The audience will be be smiling throughout this 242 word (that’s right,  only 242 words!) review. This, despite the decidedly dark subject matter being discussed. The smile comes from reading prose that doesn’t waste time with unnecessary verbiage. The opening sentence, describing the film as “the new drama that features a stellar cast and a gripping story” is almost as much as the audience needs to know. But there is more, and it’s so wonderfully put together and tight, it’s hard not to feel giddy.

This critic also knows how to tell the audience the basics of plot without slowing things down, while injecting worthwhile commentary along the way. Harloff has a style all his own, and it’s a pleasure to read. Take, for example, this sentence: “An almost cartoonish, but never ridiculous performance by Harrelson makes for a truly menacing foe for the brothers.” Another example where one sentence says it all. A lesser critic might have used a four-sentence paragraph to say the same thing.

In a review season where critic voices sometimes feel like the they’re trying to outshout each other, the lean and mean Furnace Review stands out. Listen for it, and enjoy.    

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