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Ben Rawson-Jones Delights With “Arnie and Sly Rescue”

In response to Ben Rawson-Jones’s 642‑word review of Escape Plan on Digital Spy

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A balanced and intelligent effort from Ben Rawson-Jones, “‘Escape Plan’ review: Arnie and Sly rescue geriaction genre” is simply a joy to read.

“Geriaction Genre.” In the world of Rawson-Jones, there is just such a thing, and it sizzles.

With a peppy one-liner, Geriaction Genre launches into action. It’s brisk entertainment of the high-spirited sort, but it doesn’t stoop to the insubstantial, popcorn-fare level of similarly paced reviews. There’s plenty to think about when it’s all over, but audiences will almost certainly leave the brainier stuff for repeat readings.

Yet that’s the stuff that elevates the work to a higher level than comparative reviews. It works as a study in contrast, drawing bits of performance history and weaving them together with performance present.

A compelling third act follows the action of the second, and the piece’s final shape takes form. Rawson-Jones has a level of reverence for the old salts of film, but justifies it with potential rather than wishful thinking.  

When all is said and done, Geriaction Genre is a rousing critique that skillfully balances work and play, action and drama. By essentially creating a new framework by which to judge the aging anti-hero tale, the reviewmaker had every right to define it as he desired. Other critics will have a hard time living up to his standard.    

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