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Dann Gire’s Review of “Prisoners” Is Solid but Lacks Muscle

In response to Dann Gire’s 667‑word review of Prisoners on Daily Herald (IL)

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Dann Gire’s latest, “Child-abduction thriller an intense journey into desperation and hope” is a steady review of observations but refuses to offer insight.

What happened to the title? The description is adequate but the reader may want to know what film is being critiqued.  

The first brief paragraphs sets the stage for Gire’s review and insists that the viewer must pay close attention to the basements of the characters. It’s a catchy opening statement, but not indicative of the film as a whole and the supporting cast.

Gire immediately shifts the focus to one of the main characters, however there is quite a bit more to examine in the film through the eyes of the supporting cast, the verbal actions, the cinematography and human morality.

The description of the main plot is tad boring, however Gire reminds the viewer that every seemingly insignificant element means something in the end. What is this review really about in the end? Basements? Gire’s character analysis is thin and the cinematography of Roger Deakins is only briefly noted at the end. Where is the muscle in this review?

“Child-abduction thriller an intense journey into desperation and hope” has bright spots and will satisfy the general reader, however let’s hope that Dan Gire can flex his muscles with the next review, and look deeper into the characters.    

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