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Andy Lea Has Brutal Review Game in “Review and Trailer: Ender’s Game (12A)”

In response to Andy Lea’s 647‑word review of Ender’s Game on Daily Star

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Andy Lea will not be seen as the future of film criticism based on his frustrating performance in “Review and trailer: Ender’s Game (12A).” The review is 4/5 detailing of the film, and 1/5 analysis. Lea appears to have a difficult time offering more than basic observations.

Andy Lea’s review game is struggling. In Review and trailer the introduction essentially informs the reader that Ender is no ordinary child, which is the basic premise of the film. Lea’s sentences are continuously brief throughout the review, which can be fine, however this ship of the mind never sets sail.

The middle section of Review and trailer is devoid of analysis, energy or humor. It’s just your basic plot summary. Lea does offer a tiny bit of thought to Asa Butterfield’s lead performance which is “brooding.” That’s all he has to say about how the young actor handles the role.

By the end of the dreadful Review and trailer, Lea dishes out a couple statements on the CGI which is hardly enough for one not to power off their computer and exercise from pure stress.

The big conclusion of Review and trailer comes in the form of this astonishing statement: “We also get a look at the video games of the future in astonishing scenes where Ender plays on his academy touchscreen tablet.” It’s almost as if the critic believes the film is real-life. Is Lea critiquing or admiring? The latter is surely acceptable if the content is bolstered by a thorough review. In this case, it isn’t.

Review and trailer begins strong but proves to have no review game whatsoever.    

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