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Chris Sawin Is Over-Analytical in “‘Out of the Furnace’…”

In response to Chris Sawin’s 667‑word review of Out of the Furnace on

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Chris Sawin’s “‘Out of the Furnace’ review: Rich in tone, weak in content” overcompensates for the shortcomings of his subject by providing a little too much content.

To be sure, the author has undeniable talent. His writing is immediately accessible and engaging from the outset, maintaining the reader’s attention throughout. The visual imagery, the tangibly realistic feel that pervades this piece, and the overall passion behind the words reach the deepest, darkest recesses of the soul. It all makes for a comprehensive and thrilling story that stands on its own merits.

Unfortunately, the writing is so developed and impassioned, it actually serves as a hindrance. Sawin, while building his assessment and supporting his determination, provides an inordinate amount of detail about the subject. In fact, the information he provides is so comprehensive and thorough, it almost negates any reason for the audience to investigate the premise on their own. At one point, he even reveals critical aspects of the conclusion. Although he doesn’t give anything away outright, it is easy to discern from the preceding passages and the supporting details where the premise is leading. This runs the risk of warding the reader off before they even complete their review of this piece.

Indeed, “‘Out of the Furnace‘…” is an example of how a gifted author’s attributes may backfire if not kept in check. Although it is still a high-quality and enlivened tome, one cannot help but wonder how much more effective it would be if only it would leave more to the reader’s imagination.    

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