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Thelma Adams’s “… HOLLYWOOD SPACE” Is a One of a Kind Rant

In response to Thelma Adams’s 920‑word review of Gravity on

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Thelma Adams is single-minded to a fault in her controversial “‘GRAVITY’ LOST IN HOLLYWOOD SPACE.” What Adams lacks in insight and analysis, she makes up for in indignation and conflicting personal touches.

In brief: Adams doesn’t believe that Sandra Bullock’s character would ever have been able to place herself into the situation that she finds herself in in the movie. This, for her, completely derails the movie and she is barely able to discuss anything else.

This makes the experience incredibly specific and it’s never made very clear who Adams is writing this piece for. Fans of criticism certainly won’t be pleased (as the comments section make abundantly clear), and Gravity naysayers tend to enjoy a bigger picture attack than what Adams offers here.

The real problem is that Adams isn’t able to carry the argument for as long as she tries to. She makes a point to mention how uninterested she would be in becoming an astronaut herself, then follows that up with a surprisingly in depth description of the astronaut recruiting process. She certainly doesn’t sell her disinterested persona well.

Adams is able to detail multiple careers of real life astronauts (tangents that feel miles away from where the review started) as well as point her audience to fictional astronauts, all in support of an argument that never really pays off.

HOLLYWOOD SPACE is definitely one of a kind, but not in a very good way. It’s a curiosity, not much more.    

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