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Todd Jorgenson’s “Gravity” Promises Much but Offers Little

In response to Todd Jorgenson’s 376‑word review of Gravity on

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Todd Jorgenson’s “Gravity” showed potential for going in a different direction from the mainstream consensus but opts out and provides his audience with a forgettable retread of Gravity.

The setup of Jorgenson’s Gravity works in establishing what most will expect to be a decent write-up on the film. Unfortunately, Jorgenson’s Gravity takes a nose dive in its inability to keep readers’ attention for the rest of the 376-word ride. The chief issue is not the quality of the writing per-se, but the flatness of the word usage.  Nothing really jumps off the page or demands your attention. What was written by a seasoned reviewer starts to sound like a grade school book report.

Midway through Jorgenson’s Gravity the critic offers something in the way of a contrarian view point, but quickly abandons that to pile praise onto the already critically acclaimed film. Its a tease of a critique that is shuffled off as quickly as it is introduced.

Jorgenson’s Gravity spoils very little, giving readers the bare minimum  in terms of plot synopsis.

Cinemalogue is not a pretty site. In its pragmatism, only a handful of ads are present which is possibly the only saving grace for this soggy review.

More could be said about Jorgenson’s analysis, but it should be evident that his review isn’t worth anybody’s time. The areas where it could have offered something new, it didn’t. The narrative itself isn’t moving or memorable.    

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