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Marc Mohan’s “‘Ender’s Game’ Review: “Raises the Bar in Cyberspace

In response to Marc Mohan’s 427‑word review of Ender’s Game on Oregonian

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Marc Mohan’s “‘Ender’s Game’ review: Lowering the draft age in space” is an exceptionally entertaining, well-balanced review that doesn’t dawdle around with inconsequential twaddle. At every turn, the reader will feel engaged and compelled to read the next sentence.

Mohan is a veritable word guru. He implements such quirky, interesting language at times that the reader has no choice but to step right into the heart of his creativity. Mohan employs humor and insight with ease. Lowering the draft also delights with reasonable criticisms and evenly measured praises, as though Mohan used a wonderful mental recipe to concoct his work of art.

Mohan incorporates the essential plot, background, and character fabric of Ender’s Game to reading audiences with verbal mastery. He moves from point to point seamlessly, and not once will readers feel duped by some sort of malarkey or manipulated by lip-service. On the contrary, readers may feel so pleased about reading Lowering the draft, shortly thereafter they may be found smiling and skipping happily to a local theater to see Ender’s Game.

Overall, Mohan delivers a finely tuned montage of creative writing that accomplishes two utterly important movie review tasks: he entertains mainstream reading audiences, and he provides a glittering spectacle of accessible information.    

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