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Drew McWeeny’s “… So-So ‘Escape Plan’” Is a Very Personal Affair

In response to Drew McWeeny’s 909‑word review of Escape Plan on HitFix

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Drew McWeeny’s “Review: Schwarzenegger and Stallone team up for so-so ‘Escape Plan’” is a decent piece of work that is plagued too often by Drew McWeeny himself. McWeeny writes as if he is the subject of an interview rather than a professional critic. He details his feelings about certain actors, whether or not he felt satisfied with certain plot developments, and even lists his favorite works in certain body works. The average reader risks learning more about McWeeny than about Escape Plan.

If you can read between the McWeenys, there’s actually quite a bit of good material included in so-so ‘Escape Plan’. McWeeny begins with a droll scene in which he channels a Dorkly bit, “Schwarzenegger meets with his agent.” It’s good fun, and the quite frankly, the reader could stop after coming across the first sentence’s “agreeably cheesy” and have a good idea of what the review’s about. McWeeny certainly can be concise when he wants to be.

A highpoint of so-so ‘Escape Plan’ is how comprehensive it seeks to be. McWeeny doesn’t call it quits after name dropping the people on the poster. His reach extends to the cinematography, direction, and design. He’s got a lot to say, and much of it is valuable, it’s just a shame that it reads more like a diary entry than a professional review.    

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