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Roger Moore’s “Review: Dern” Leaves Reader on Side of Road

In response to Roger Moore’s 574‑word review of Nebraska on McClatchy-Tribune News Service

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Roger Moore is a storyteller. The critic’s latest work, “Movie Review: Dern, Squibb, Forte and Keach all shine in Nebraska,” effectively conveys a picture of Midwestern life, but fails to communicate what makes the characters tick.

Review: Dern is like being in the passenger seat of a car and the driver tells you that he has a fantastic story to tell. Unfortunately, he also needs to stop for gas, and quickly summarizes the tale. Roger Moore writes with a fine keystroke and hear, but there is no depth to the work.

One may be troubled by the lack of paragraph breaks in Review: Dern, and the critic’s structure is clunkier than Grandpa’s old ride sitting in the back yard.

In the strange but intriguing opening paragraphs of Review: Dern, Moore acknowledges one of the film’s co-stars Will Forte, but only addresses his performance as “terrific.” The one line of analysis is hardly enough to captivate the minds of readers about a father-son road trip. It’s comparable to being left on the side of the road on a hot day with mini-can of Coke.

Although the closing paragraphs of Review: Dern describe the essence of the characters, Moore says little about Bruce Dern’s character and what makes the performance Oscar-worthy. The critic appears to be more focused on mood rather than critiquing the film as a whole.

Review: Dern is somewhat satisfying, but one will undoubtedly seek other reviews that show an ability to look beyond the setting.    

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