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Jeff Beck’s Oversights Overwhelm “Movie Review: ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’”

In response to Jeff Beck’s 1122‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on

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“Movie Review: ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’” is Jeff Beck’s latest offering, and a piece that would get away with murder if not for a shaky alibi.

There is much to admire in this piece. The tone is very accessible and likable, the evidence compelling and the intrigue and excitement factor through the roof at times. It is a genuinely enjoyable and informative read from start to finish. However, once one gets past the glamorous surface and gets a glimpse under the hood, there are a slew of mechanical defects to expose.

The first and most obvious is the length. There is a mountain of information here, indeed too much. The author could easily get his point across with half the girth and save the reader a ton of time. But instead, the author feels the urge to belabor points and embellish concepts to the point where it numbs the brain even skimming through this piece.  

This, coupled with the lack of originality in this piece ultimately soil the reader’s credibility like a manicured hand covered in dry blood. The tired references scattered throughout this piece will no doubt bore the reader to the point of questioning why they decided to peruse it in the first place. No doubt, there are other far more original works out there to choose from.

And if all that weren’t enough, the author discloses the fate of the subject’s protagonist, and before the piece even gets rolling to boot. Revealing the end in the beginning, much less at all, is a brilliant strategy if your desire is to completely turn away your audience and discourage them from ever returning. Fortunately, he does refrain from providing gritty details at least. So fortune may forgive him in this instance. But he is rolling the dice to be sure.

Ultimately, the risks outweigh the rewards in this over-bloated diatribe. It just goes to show that a little more forethought and a lot more editing makes all the difference between a masterpiece and a forgery.     

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