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Rex Reed’s “Up in Smoke” Blows Smoke Up Something…

In response to Rex Reed’s 576‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on New York Observer

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Rex Reed’s “Up In Smoke:  Catching Fire, Second Installment in Hunger Games Trilogy, Is a Tired Rehash” rehashes the style that has come to be expected from this author: pure unadulterated contempt.

There seems to be no bottom to Mr. Reed’s reservoir of pithy rudeness and snide condemnation. It’s the fuel that keeps his gas tank full. It may have been charming once, as Simon Cowell lambasting an American Idol contestant would be appreciated for it’s honesty. However, that charm wears thin, and honesty without tact is just meanness.

Reed cruelly asserts himself all over his subject like Godzilla laying waste to an entire city, with no apologies and even less remorse. He scowls as he fights fire with fire and burns everything in his wake, inflaming the unfortunate reader that happens to get in his path. What remains is a wasteland of wreckage, which the audience is tasked to rebuild before the next attack.

Thus, this latest work is par for the course from this pessimistic prince nothing. One wonders what would appease the beast? What is the secret to soothing its soul? Until that mystery is solved, the reader should avoid this volatile overcompensation of the author’s shortcomings at all cost, lest another innocent victim roast in his midst.    

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