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Justin Craig’s “‘Wolf Of…” Barks Loud, Bites Little

In response to Justin Craig’s 633‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on

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Although “‘Wolf of Wall Street’ review: Scorsese and DiCaprio have never been better” is a little too pretentious and presumptuous for its own good, Justin Craig still delivers a reasonably sound diatribe from start to finish.  

The strengths of this piece are many, but one of the most prevalent is the vividness of the world the author creates. He virtually brings the premise to life in such grandiose and lush detail, it feels as though one is actually witnessing everything first-hand. The reader will instantly become immersed in the clever analogies and rich detail as the author painstakingly lays out the foundation for his assessment and them proceeds to formulate backing evidence with meticulous detail. He does so as smoothly as an oiled anaconda, as he transitions from one point to the next. The end result is a wholly valid and empathetic deliberation that the reader will have no trouble buying into.  

That said, the piece does overstep its bounds at times. Craig appears so determined to make his point that he draws upon details that seem to have no place in the bigger scheme of things. Some bold statements are made in this piece, most of which are either unfounded or completely irrelevant to begin with. None of this serves the author or the reader and only proves to weight the text down with unnecessary baggage.

But nevertheless, Craig’s account of things and his impressive deliberation in lieu of it all stand to enliven this piece when all else fails. Most certainly, the audience will consider his advise very seriously as they explore the depths of the subject’s dark aspects for themselves.    

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