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Anders Wright “‘Gravity’ Provides Quite a Ride” Through Tunnel Vision

In response to Anders Wright’s 535‑word review of Gravity on San Diego Union-Tribune

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In this review by Anders Wright entitled “Hang on: ‘Gravity’ provides quite a ride,” readers find a champion for live-action 3D movies. In this large text,short on content, Wright spends half of it discussing the historical change in cinematic graphics in relation to 3D and the failures and successes that have evolved from multiple attempts.

This information lays the foundation for what Wright will later discuss as Gravity‘s ultimate success in cinematography; however the intro is extremely long-winded. Being dragged through other large named films such as “Avatar,” “Hugo,” and “Life of Pi” distracts from the overall majesty of the film being discussed.

Wright eventually progresses into plot summary and character development, but by the time he has done so his readers are lost in the wake of previous blockbusters.

The layout of the review itself proves an interesting setup as Wright includes a page break with a picture of Sandra Bullock at Comic-Con, a unique choice not usually included in other reviews.  

At the intro of the review, Wright provides general information about the film in a very large font. This review on the whole is very friendly to readers with glasses and those with a deep rooted passion for the 3D genre of film making. For those looking at a concise and self-contained look at Gravity, this ain’t it.    

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