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Fan Girl Ramble Is on Display in Michelle Alexandria’s “Michelle’s Review!”

In response to Michelle Alexandria’s 616‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Eclipse Magazine

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Michelle Alexandria is “an old scho0l Marvel Fan Girl,” and has crafted a brilliant tale starring herself in “Thor: The Dark World, Michelle’s Review!“ Yes, there is an exclamation point, which may lead one to believe that superior film criticism is unlikely to follow.

Alexandria writes of an early screening where she watched 20 minutes of the film, and came to the amazing conclusion that it “lacked something.” Fortunately, the critic did eventually see the finished product, and one can certainly respect her thoughts on the final polishing. One will also likely laugh at the loose nature of Michelle’s Review!, which is the epitome of unpolished work.  

Michelle’s Review! is an all out assault of first person ramble. In fact, the critic even feels the need to say “I’m not even going to tell you what the convoluted plot was about,” which is highly troubling. One can only ponder what the purpose of the review is when the critic refuses to break down the plot. This is your future, film criticism. Cherish the experience.

Michelle Alexandria barely addresses the title character, but is clearly a fan of Jaimie Alexander and Smallville. The other main character, Loki, is also tossed aside, but one will likely be surprised when the critic manages to make a few statements on the direction of the film. Alexandria accomplishes little in Michelle’s Review!, and her refusal to investigate the plot is hilarious.

Michelle’s Review! is something, but is far from essential reading.    

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