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Precision Writing Surprises in Rick Bentley’s Short “Way to Win”

In response to Rick Bentley’s 526‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Fresno Bee

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What a surprise. At first glance, Rick Bentley’s “Thor: The Dark World muscles it’s way to win,” looks like a wimpy review, but the writer turns out to be a great warrior of precision writing. Behold the crisp and calculating work of Rick Bentley.

The critic has a way with the written word in way to win. Although the review isn’t deep with analysis, the swift phrasing is hypnotic and some may be heard chanting “Bent-ley, Fresno Bee. Bent-let, Fresno Bee.” Amazing.

Bentley gets to the point right away in way to win, and transitions with ease to points on the villain, plot summary and how the setting bolsters the narrative. The critic makes exceptional points about the Asgard action which allows the brothers to be close to family. Bentley’s remarks are touching and will connect in a big way with his followers.

Way to win is a good read because Bentley is always explaining what works in the film and why, but he also notes the flaws. The review is fair and written like a gentleman of the craft.

Rick Bentley’s way to win doesn’t have great reach, but sticks to the point and nails it. The work is the film criticism version of “The Little Engine That Could.”   

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