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Dann Gire’s ‘Thor’ Sequel’s Effects Spectacular But…” Misses the Mark

In response to Dann Gire’s 664‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Daily Herald (IL)

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A golden rule with movie review is to never drop the lead. On the other hand, Dann Gire’s “‘Thor’ sequel’s effects spectacular but short on character connections” opens with such a blast of disdain that nothing short of revealing that Gire is, in fact, Thor would balance the scales.

The classic “insult the audience that likes this crud” opening line is as subtle as Thor’s hammer smacking your knees to kindling. And then the tedium sets in. The focus briefly lands on the “intermittent” director (that’s Gire-speak for the director was poor). Quick comparisons to other film tag-lines, and a bizarre use of the term “somewhat superflous” which makes about as much lazy sense as “somewhat unique”).

But what amazes most is the tender acknowledgement that there were good moments in the film that were lost in the poor characterization. A single tear, that, and one not filled with the venom and vinegar of the preceding paragraphs. This is then dropped for utter ridiculous appreciations of the director’s skills (he stinks at dramatic scenes… but, you know, directed the show Deadwood, which was essentially all dramatic scenes).

Save yourself the time it would take to find the one dollop of quality in an otherwise sad, little review. Use your hammer to knock at someone else’s door. This review is too busy posing in front of its mirror, trying to look tough.    

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