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Eric Goldman’s “Fire Review” Is a Katniss Wonderland of Visuals & Wisdom

In response to Eric Goldman’s 1597‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on IGN Movies

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Eric Goldman’s “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Review” is a visual Katniss wonderland, and also a phenomenal review. One may experience a warm feeling inside during the reading, and the critic shows a true commitment to his audience.

Goldman takes the reader through three paragraphs of plot summary in Fire Review,which helps one understand the predicament of the main character and her Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Readers will be touched during the exploration of sadness in the film, and Goldberg does an excellent job of expressing the subtextual heart.

One will naturally be curious as to how the sequel differentiates from the original. The critic compares the structures, and proceeds to produce several fantastic paragraphs on the returning and brand new characters.  Fire Review has a consistent amount of literary heat, and Goldberg proves that he knows to keep the readers warm with fiery insight.

Eric Goldberg doesn’t cover the great J-Law with mind-blowing analysis in Fire Review, but is is satisfactory. The critic may have been concerned that too much JL could be unhealthy for the reader, but science is slowly proving this theory to be untrue. The critic’s performance is honorable, however, and the quality of the work will please legions of Hunger Games nerds all over the world.

Fire Review is a sizzler, and one must experience the blazing prose of Eric Goldman.    

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