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S. Jhoanna Robledo Will Please Core Audience in “Review: Gravity”

In response to S. Jhoanna Robledo’s 465‑word review of Gravity on Common Sense Media

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S. Jhoanna Robledo will please parents by covering the essentials in “Gravity—Movie Review”, but unfortunately there is little for the mass public to grasp on to.

The visual appearance of Gravity—Movie is disappointing. There is an icon that allows visitors to view the trailer, but it also features a complete absence of images that could have not only intrigued and entertained parents, but broad swaths of potential readers as well.

Gravity—Movie is clearly structured in three sections followed by questions for parents at the end. The concept works amazingly well, but limits the possibilities of the critic. Or does it? One will certainly appreciate the information provided for the older crowd, however the world awaits the Common Sense critic that will break free from the self-imposed constraints and deliver a comprehensive and satisfying review.

The first section of Gravity—Movie provides the basics on the leads, but offers little analysis. Readers will surely enjoy the follow-up paragraph though, in which Robledo briefly examines why the film will be successful and important in the larger context of films.

In the final section of Gravity—Movie, Robledo poses discussion questions for parents, and the casual reader may wish that the critic could answer them in the review.

Gravity—Movie serves it purpose, and is necessary in the world of film reviews it just doesn’t have a very far reach.    

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