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Rich Cline’s “‘Prisoners’ Movie Review” Grips With Great Vibe

In response to Rich Cline’s 355‑word review of Prisoners on

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Rich Cline’s “‘Prisoners’ Movie Review” takes the audience into a realm of opinion and explanation with the first sentence, and Cline maintains the foundational landscape of this realm throughout his review.

The reader will find engagement with the plot summary, which Cline communicates in stylish writing that utilizes strong verbs and adjectives that don’t leave the reader dangling from lack of context. Cline also presents macro and microcosmic Prisoners’ symbology with ease.

Due to the clean and concise yet remarkably telling information in this review, the reader won’t feel rushed or duped into wasting valuable time. Cline doesn’t go anywhere near spoilers, but he also manages to crank the tension of this review, until the audience feels inclined to go see Prisoners at a local theater as quickly as possible.

The reader might wonder for a moment if Cline has anything negative to say about Prisoners, but when he doesn‘t, the involving nature and quick wrap-up makes the lack of negativity feel seamless with the reviewer’s vision.

All of this allows the reader to dig deep enough to make an informed decision about whether or not to watch Prisoners.  Regardless of the final decision, Cline’s readers will be grateful to have experienced Review as part of the process.    

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