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Luke Y. Thompson’s “The Hunger Games Sequel” Is a Reader’s Delight

In response to Luke Y. Thompson’s 829‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Topless Robot

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Luke Y. Thompson’s“Fanboy Flick Pick: It’s Hard out Here for a Death-Game Star in The Hunger Games Sequel” is an a fittingly apropos title for a read that isn’t anything less than epic in both scale and execution.

This multi-page page turner will have readers giving themselves up as tributes by the time they reach the conclusion. The read is stellar. It reeks of pop culture fanaticism and expertise. Thompson gracefully draws comparisons between Behind the Music, Lost and Jennifer Lawrence’s “real-life” persona, somehow managing to tie all these thing under one neat and tidy theme-catching net.

The writer compares and contrasts The Hunger Games dulogy (until 2014) while pointing out subtle details between the two films. The comparisons are effective and topical, drawing on Thompson’s pantheon of pop culture knowledge as he draws up some interesting contrasts. The writer gives the reader a lot to think about in terms of actors’ individual performances.

Thompson puts out a user friendly yet deep write-up.  In a world that is often filled with duds, it is nice to see a review that not only does a good job but is also perfectly in line with its subject, well done. Read with confidence.    

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