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Iain McNally’s “Movie Review: CLOUDY” Takes Too Long to Get Started

In response to Iain McNally’s 674‑word review of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 on Starburst

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Iain McNally’s “Movie Review: CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 2” doesn’t justify its length, providing only two and half short paragraphs of real critique after extensive plot descriptions of not one but two films.

McNally complains that the film belongs with an “over-long introduction” to the main characters “for anyone who missed it last time.” McNally is one to talk. His words come on the other side of two paragraphs (one inexplicably in bold type) recapping the first film, presumably for those who missed it last time.

Once McNally’s focus finally shifts to the eponymous sequel, things still fail to pick-up.  Movie Review: CLOUDY feels extremely detailed as it marches dutifully through the major plot points of the first half of the film. Characters are described with four, sometimes five adjectives, unnecessarily stretching out an experience that begins to feel like it was begun with no purpose in mind.

Unexpectedly, McNally throws in a scone pun. The joke comes out of nowhere and will have readers questioning “oh, was this whole thing supposed to be funny?” The tiny offering of humor is far too little and way too late to liven up the over-long proceedings.

McNally does allow the film to retain certain surprises. His prose alternates uncomfortably between explicit and restrained. It makes for an unpredictable, if not particularly pleasant reading experience. It’s not all bad, but there isn’t anything very special here either.    

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