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Jeff Beck’s “Movie Review: Gravity” Is Nearly Compromised by Invasive Ads

In response to Jeff Beck’s 991‑word review of Gravity on

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Jeff Beck’s “Movie Review: Gravity” is nearly hijacked by sadistic ads, but luckily everything else is in order. Sadly, it will leave most lamenting what it could have been if the presentation had been up to snuff.  

Beck handles his subject matter with poise. He looks at the film from every conceivable standpoint; taking into account the back narratives, the larger story, and the complex the themes. The elements are all thrown in to give readers plenty to meditate on before seeing the weighty(less) film.

There simply aren’t any spoilers in this review. If you have seen one or two trailers for the Gravity you essentially already have the gist of the film. There is a tiny bit of expository background info given about the film, but nothing egregious.

Beck makes the case that the film is not merely nigh flawless, but in a word, perfect. Throughout the write-up you get the sense that he genuinely feels that way especially in the way that words like “groundbreaking” and “masterpiece” are strewn about.

Beck’s “Movie Review: Gravity” is many ways an appropriate way to commemorate a movie as such. The critic handles the task of analysis professionally and gracefully; shining as a star itself. The magnificent review’s only things that bring this celestial must-read offering down to earth are the awful ads.    

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