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Andrew O Hehir Delivers the Goods In“ Bullock and Clooney, Lost in Space”

In response to Andrew O'Hehir’s 1071‑word review of Gravity on

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Andrew O’ Hehir’s “Gravity”: Bullock and Clooney, lost in space” is a long and harrowing journey that neatly reflects the subject it is talking about.

Long sentences are the norm in this calculating take on Alfred Cuaron’s Gravity. The writing is  captivating and Hehir doesn’t mince his words here so a forewarning to some you may want to bring the dictionary along for the ride.

The crux of O’Hehir argument is that the movie, for all of its beauty, terror, and technical achievements, still falls into the category of blockbuster action fest as opposed to contemplative meta-physical science fiction like Solaris or 2001: A Space Odyssey. In this regard O’Hehir has  hits the nail on the head.

The floating debris that nearly wrecks this vessel are spoilers. The writer goes as far as nearly setting up the final sequence of events that takes place in the finale but mercifully opts out in the last possible moment. Unfortunately not before he talks about the plot in great depth revealing some key moments in the film.

Salon is a major news hub so the “no expense spared” look would be apropos but they have opted for something a little less than sleek. The review could have also used some more pictures to break up the potential monotony of staring down 1071 words.

Lost in Space never leaves readers stranded in a world of not knowing where the critic stands in regard to the film. O’Hehir has crafted a review worthy of adulation and a look-over or two.    

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